Bottle Trees Qld Plantation

We Specialise in the propagation, transplanting, marketing and distribution of Australian Bottle Trees (Brachychiton Rupestris)

We know Bottle Trees

We know Bottle Trees Yes, we know a bit about propagating, growing and transplanting Bottle Trees after over 25 years of involvement with them.

'As Clean As' Tree

One of the cleanest native trees. Unlike many trees the Bottle Tree does not shed any bark. Bottle Trees may go many seasons with very little leaf change or loss.

An Easy Long Life

An Easy Long Life Easy to grow in most soils and rocky locations, low maintenance. Bottle Trees can be transplanted with relative ease and achieve a high success rate. Bottle Trees also have a long life span, expect over 100 years.

As Individual As They Get

Yes, they grow as individual trees, their growth is greatly influenced by external factors such as the amount of sun, rain. Other vegetation growing close-by competing for light influence growth patterns.

We have always marveled at the sheer beauty, uniqueness & individuality of Bottle Trees.
Growing and planting Bottle Trees for the pleasure & enjoyment of people today and the generations to come is very satisfying and fulfilling.

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